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27 year old Female
Champaign, IL
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kirito12640 @kirito12640 left a comment for LunaFisto
Dec 18, 16 at 11:29pm

so anyway i read your about me and love that you wereso blunt im not goingto lie im kind of in the same boat i would really love to find a sweet girl who i can hang out with and watch awesome shows and eat good food and just enjoy this little life we have with someone awesome lol. and theres no gettingaround the fact that you are gorgeous sorry i dont have a pic on here i kinda just made this profile and dont have pics on my computer but if you would maybe like to talk and get to know each other i have no proble sending you a pic of myself im not some like 50 year old creeper just tired from work and kinda being lazy and dont ant to take pics and post em at the momnent especially if i dont even end up talking to anyone on here but i am hoping to maybe get a response from you. i dont know what it is but something about you kinda intrigues me i was gunna be super lazy and not even make a profile for animezing and i saw your i hope we can jam comment on your page and then i just had to at least say whats up to you. this may be forward but the fact that your into anime is a super plus in my book and your definitely pretty and all i need to know at this poist is if your nice and hope you arent a serial killer looking for victims and id be happy to get to know you a little more. so i really hope to hear you and also congrats on getting your nursing liscence my mom was a nurse for 40+ years and i have a lot of respect for people that enter into that line of work its very selfless and thats def a good sign about you already. im gonna end this comment before i start to seem like im stalking you or something lol so maybe well get to talk at some point and if not good luck nursing pretty lady. and btw last i also hope we can jam!lol

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