COVID-19 Procedures and Updates
The RiverCenter  July 30 - August 1, 2021  Davenport, IA

Formal Fantasy Ball

The Formal Fantasy Ball is a treat of an event. The evening begins with soft, gentle waltz music as an air of socialization sings through the room. Friends meet up for socializing on one side of the room. Strangers wearing costumes from the same series meet in the middle of the room, and one asks the other to dance. They become quick friends, and now have a friend all weekend. The music eventually speeds up slightly to more complicated and faster swing dance, to satisfy the most auspicious of dancers - both to have fun, and perhaps even to show off a little.

That's the gist of the Formal Fantasy Ball. For about two hours in the evening, we will be playing formal dance music and socializing at the ball. We ask everyone to come dressed in a formal, business-casual, or military costume. Please avoid bloody zombies, blue jeans, rave outfits, etc. While we try not to exclude people who don't have anything formal to wear, or forget it at home, we like it when you dress fancy.